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Whitmar Publications is a leading publisher in the printing and packaging markets, delivering focused and high quality editorial to its readers, both in print and online.

The specialist magazines include Digital Printer, FlexoTech and Digital Labels & Packaging.

In addition to printed magazines, Whitmar Publications produces regular e-newsletters and video content focusing on key areas of the industries it serves.

Whitmar Publications also organises a number of round table events and conferences to promote good practice throughout the industry.

Whitmar Publications also holds industry Awards such as the Print, Design & Marketing Awards, The FlexoTech International Print & Innovation Awards and The Digital Printer Awards.

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Latest news

Digital Printer
Flyeralarm to appoint new senior executives
23 Jun 2017
To bolster its recently relaunched UK operation, Flyeralarm is appointing three new executives who will be responsible for energising the company’s profile and expanding its customer base.

Digital Labels & Packaging
Durst makes patterns
22 Jun 2017
In partnership with Korean manufacturer Serom, Durst has introduced Patternware, a digital enhancement process that uses inkjet to produce patterns and textures for a variety of applications.

Digital Printer
Digital publishing rights win but print stays strong at Stationers’ Hall
22 Jun 2017
The winner of 2017 Stationers’ Company Innovations Excellence Awards was the Publishers’ Licensing Society for its online solution to managing and monetising rights for authors and publishers of extracted works, but printing equipment vendors and printing companies also figured strongly.

Digital Labels & Packaging
Double digit growth for Kama
21 Jun 2017
Dresden, German-based Kama has had the most successful year in its company history as it enters the packaging market.