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Smart Directions mirrors the business ethos of the Premier Paper Group. As a leading independent paper merchant group, we are continually searching for new and innovative products that our customers can use to develop their business and maximise profits. Printing is an incredibly creative process, and the substrate that we supply can make a considerable contribution to the finished product and its appearance. But our products are only part of the story; At Premier we have developed a team of digital specialists and marketing professionals that are on hand to work in partnership with our customers in developing new products for new markets.


Some of our latest exciting product introductions include Multiloft, a product that enables thick, rigid board products to be printed digitally. This is ideal for business cards, book covers, invitations and many other creative uses. Another, Panoramic, is a revolutionary product that is ideal for brochures and photo-books.


The Environment is another area that companies are keen to focus on and Premier has an innovative solution that our customers can not only engage with, but in turn also offer to their customers. The Carbon Capture program allows companies to capture the CO² emissions from their paper purchases, by planting trees right here in the UK with the Woodland Trust's Woodland Carbon scheme.


This is an affordable marketing initiative that has an environmental theme which not only captures the imagination of customers, but also plants trees that everyone can enjoy.
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