Saxoprint launches ProStudio

27 Oct 2016
Topics: business, graphic design

Saxoprint's free communication platform helps businesses and designers to connect


Online printer, Saxoprint, is launching Saxoprint ProStudio, a free network that connects small and mid-sized businesses with professional graphic designers.

'We are offering the creative industry a contemporary communication platform,' said Daniel Ackermann, the managing director of Saxoprint. 'Here, creative minds and small businesses can profit equally from each other.'

Saxoprint ProStudio gives freelance graphic designers and design agencies a platform to acquire new customers, and to control their workload by setting their status to 'available', 'will respond within 48h', 'will respond within a week' or 'busy'.

Businesses can submit a brief to up to three designers using search options such as region, industry, or product specific expertise.

Individual requests and payment are handled directly between business and designer.

How is this a Smart Direction?

Providing potential customers with a one-stop shop to buy their printed materials and source a designer for the project is potentially a great win/win for all parties, the client, printer and designer. Clients get a simplified buying experience, and choice of designers. Designers gain a source of potential customers. Printers can provide a value added service without the need to invest in an in house design studio. 

This move picks up on the requirements discussed at the 2016 Smart Directions Conference to make print an easier to use medium, especially for millennial digital natives.

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