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30 Nov 2016
Topics: survey

Smart Directions has launched a survey to understand key aspects of the state of the UK printing industry.

Topics covered by the 16-question survey include sales and marketing, investment plans and requirements and what markets and applications printers are diversifying into.

The results, which will be published in a forthcoming issue of Digital Printer, will provide invaluable information on the print industry's strategic plans.

Whether you are swimming with the tide or ploughing your own furrow, it is vital to know where you stand, and, based on new information, whether it is worth changing tack. The more people who participate the more accurate and meaningful the results.

In return for completing the survey there is a chance to win £500 in hotel vouchers. For the lucky recipient it could prove to be a very well rewarded five minutes!

Anyone who wishes to complete the short survey can do so by following this link.

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