Pixartprinting grows loyalty scheme

09 Dec 2016
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A laser-cut diorama representing the Starway concept features inside its welcome box


Starway 2016, Pixartprinting's loyalty programme, now offers perks to new customers joining the star system.

'Our research shows that the programme works in two ways: on the one hand, it significantly increases purchases by those already signed up to Starway, who benefit from the special promotions, and on the other, it incentivises users who aspire to be part of it the following year,' explained Andrea Pizzola, sales and marketing director at Pixartprinting, which experienced a 35% overall increase in the number of participants compared to 2015.

Starway participants receive dedicated customer care, priority support, previews of offers, exclusive promotions and a welcome gift. When customers reach a certain volume of orders, they are automatically enrolled on one of the three levels of the programme, Star, Red Giant or Supernova.

'Our strategy is to make purchasing easier,' Ms Pizzola continued. 'Even the dedicated promotions are designed to meet customers' needs, offering special discounts on commonly ordered items. As a result, the percentage use by our Starway user base is extremely high, at 94%.' 

For the 2016 incarnation of its loyalty programme, Pixartprinting commissioned artist Matteo Capobianco to produce artwork for a luxury welcome box. The limited-edition 336-cm diorama - an artistic representation of the Starway concept - is laser cut from paper and folded up inside the packaging.

How is this a Smart Direction?

Customer retention is a challenge for any business. It is almost always more profitable to continue working with existing customers rather than having to invest time and money attracting new ones. Online it is much easier for customers to switch suppliers based on price, so any activities that encourage them to stay are an important improving sales and profitability.

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