Kornit Digital promotes digital textile printing opportunities

19 Aug 2016
Topics: textile printing

Caroline Okun, director of Sprout Patterns, will deliver a keynote presentation at the event 

The company is opening its doors for digital innovation event to inspire the textile printing and design community.

The objective of the event, to be held at Kornit's new showroom in Düsseldorf, Germany on 9 September is to inspire eCommerce businesses, textile producers and designers, home textile manufacturers and anyone else interested in the opportunities enabled by digital textile printing.

Caroline Okun will deliver a keynote presentation titled 'Fibre Revolution: The Pathway to Mass Customisation'. Ms Okun is the director of Sprout Patterns, part of Spoonflower (the online marketplace that enables users to create on-demand, custom-designed textiles), which has recently opened a European production facility in Berlin and relies on Kornit Digital's technology for printed fabric production.

Also on the agenda are presentations and workshops with software and technology specialists in digital textile production: Caldera, which offers printing and colour management software for textile printing systems; Zünd, a manufacturer of digital cutting systems and Assyst, which focuses on 3D visualisation of fabric, cut piece and the human being.

Oliver Luedtke, marketing director at Kornit Digital Europe, expressed his hopes for the event: 'Digital production technologies have arrived in the textile markets. We know from our customers that those technologies enable new and exciting business models, and we would like to demonstrate these opportunities to everybody who is either active or interested in the field of digitally produced textiles.'

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