LumeJet launches partner printing programme

18 Aug 2016
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LumeJet produces printed output on photographic papers using its own RGB digital print head

The provider of ultra high resolution print is introducing a new style of business model to improve access for commercial printers and lower risk.

The company will make machine capacity available for its partners on a no-commitment basis, removing the need for hardware acquisition or leasing. Initially, via a printing service delivered from LumeJet's factory. 

A further development, for where demand has been established, is machine outplacement. This enables print vendors to run the printer themselves, in-house, and reduce lead-times, with LumeJet retaining machine ownership and service responsibility.

Paul Anson, co-founder, explained the new business strategy: 'With each partner we review the business opportunity and agree how to structure a win-win commercial deal. […] There is no capital equipment risk, no unforeseen service issues or risk of redundancy, and no upfront charge. We will cooperate with partners to support their marketing and provide retail product development support. 

'What's more, by maintaining premium pricing, existing business is not cannibalised - rather, additional work can be secured and new discerning customers can be targeted,' he added.

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