‘Remarkable results’ with Bellissima DMS at Cyber Graphics

11 May 2018
Topics: Quality control, Apex

'Bellissima is shaping up to be a steep change in flexo print quality'  - David Smith, manufacturing projects manager


Cyber Graphics, approved trade shop partner for Aniken Graphics, is seeing remarkable results with Bellissima DMS.

In February, Cyber Graphics was announced as one of the two approved trade shops for Bellissima DMS for the US market.
'The print results we've seen have been remarkable - tremendous image detail, vignettes to zero with no graininess, perfectly smooth flat tints and multi-colour builds. Bellissima is shaping up to be a steep change in flexo print quality,' said David Smith, manufacturing projects manager.
Mr Smith continued, 'The technologies converging for the Bellissima solution are best-in-class. Apex and Hamillroad have been fantastic partners in this effort, and our customers are very excited about the opportunities it presents.'

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