Kai Lankinen becomes Marvaco chairman

11 Jan 2018

Marvaco has appointed the group's current CEO, Kai Lankinen, as its full-time chairman of the board with Antti Mikkilä taking his place.

Mr Lankinen will be responsible for utilising the EGP model efficiently in the company's business. He will also focus on the partnerships and growth of the company.

'This change is necessary to allow Marvaco's clients to benefit from the award-winning solutions of this growing company at a more rapid rate: EGP, Expanded Gamut Printing, is a great example of this. I have known Antti for several years as a member of the Marvaco board and as a sparring partner for the operation model's development, and I believe that the development of the company and the deepening of its partnerships will proceed without surprises - for the benefit of our clients and our personnel,' Mr Lankinen said. 'As for me, I can now focus more on refining Marvaco's technological progress, and I expect us to achieve excellent results and opportunities for the benefit of our client and partner network.'

Antti Mikkilä added, 'I'm already familiar with the packaging industry, and I believe in Marvaco's ability to succeed and grow together with our clients. The competence built under Kai's leadership is unique and esteemed, even on a global scale. I'm happy to start building the company's future together with the personnel and our great partners.'

Mr Mikkilä has worked in international business and the packaging industry in various managerial positions and as a consult throughout the 2000s and 2010s. He has been a Marvaco board member and a part of the company's development since 2015.


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