Fairfields Farm connects packaging to the web

05 Sep 2017

In collaboration with National Flexible, Reproflex 3 have enabled the new product Heat & Eat from Fairfields Farm to produce packaging with digital connectivity, delivering more information to the end user.

It works by embedding with a digital watermark within the packging graphics design to allow instant connectivity through the Shazam mobile app.

Robert Strathern, founder of Fairfields Farm said, "We hope that by working with this truly exciting technology, will increase awareness and interest in our brand and help to boost sales of Heat & Eat™ when it is launched in September".

Reproflex 3 have been working extensively with Shazam since its first steps into the visual engagement. Working as a Shazam agent, the company has been managing the process of colour management and digitally enabling the graphics in complex print processes of packaging.

Andrew Hewitson, managing director of Reproflex 3 said, 'Delivering design intent can be challenging as the packaging print processes traditionally uses spot colours and extensive colour retouching to achieve the desired results. By adding the complexity of a digital watermark there needs to be a clear vision of what can and can't be done in the press room. This is what Reproflex3 have delivered for over 20 years. The digitisation of Heat & Eat packaging makes total sense considering the innovative nature of the product. We are delighted to work collaboratively with all of the supply chain and can only see huge benefits from digitally enabling packaging in the future.'

National Flexible knew that to push this boundary of interactive innovation, a new pack format was necessary to uphold Fairfield's Farms vision for a "snack revolution". National Flexible introduced a share snack pack that easily allows the consumer to, quite literally, "heat and eat". With a simple tear element achieved through laser scoring and a pack format that allows the product to sit like a bowl. This pack innovation, combined with the digital connectivity provided through Reproflex3, creates an experience of snacking that consumers find functional, fun and innovative.

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