rotec Eco Bridge makes sleeve mounting easy

05 Sep 2017

The rotec Eco Bridge in action at Rommelag Flex

Rommelag Flex in Gaildorf, Germany, has invested in a rotec Eco Bridge, an adapter with an air flow system easy mounting and de-mounting of the sleeves.

The adapter features a breathable metal ring which efficiently creates the air pillow needed for sleeve mounting and helps to reduce noise and the air volume needed for mounting.

In the past, the company used steel mandrels in the plate-mounting area, Torsten Kohm, production shift leader, said, 'Our press operator was ecstatic. Mounting is much easier than before. The noise is significantly less than normal, and the best is, we can de-mount the 420mm repeat sleeve with one hand, without effort! Perfect development for our pre-press operation.'

Rommelag Flex develops packaging solutions and offers premium quality and extensive expertise for food and hygiene packaging in various industries.

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