Martin Automatic technology boosts productivity

04 Sep 2017

The Martin Automatic array includes non-stop splicing and rewinding equipment for film, pressure-sensitive, and self-wound laminate film materials

Labels, Tags & Inserts (LTI) has ordered two new Martin Automatic machines, an MBSF and MLSW automatic unwind/splicer, to complement the company's recently purchased Mark Andy P7 Performance Series press.

The latest machines unwind the base substrate on the MBSF butt splicer, while the laminate is unwound and fed inline by the MLSW after the final print unit. The MLSW, for self-wound, is one of a series of machines developed to automate inline lamination and decoration, including foil stamping. Rather than splitting the press line or bringing the laminate in from 90 degrees, Martin Automatic worked with Mark Andy to develop an integrated inline installation utilising base press modules to present a more ergonomic solution. 

The unwind spindles and splice unit extend into the aisle, allowing the operator to load new rolls and prepare the splice comfortably in front of the press, and avoid the dangers associated with using step ladders. The MLSW utilises a driven peel roller for tension control and noise reduction of the unwinding self-wound film. It will also unwind and splice 'dry' films for inline adhesive lamination, as LTI plans on using both types of over-laminate processes on the new press.

One of the markets that LTI sees developing fast is for shrink sleeves on beer cans for the craft breweries that are springing up around the country. Lacking the resources and run lengths to justify printing direct onto the metal, the breweries turned to LTI, whose solution offers brighter and sharper graphics on shorter runs, giving a far higher visual appeal on-shelf.  'High quality pre-press and continuous running are the keys to achieving these new graphics, and the Martins allow us to offer a better value product and more consistent downstream performance. They have played and continue to play a fundamental part in the success of this company,' Ms Baker concluded.

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