A fistful of Fierys to face the future

11 Sep 2017
Topics: software, corrugated, B1 format

The driver's seat: the Fiery NX station centralises control of multiple output devices


EFI has announced software and hardware updates to its Fiery range of digital front-ends that rationalise support for existing and forthcoming press types while adding improved performance and functionality.

The Fiery FS300 Pro platform is intended to drive developing high performance digital print applications in sheet-fed, high speed continuous feed, B1 format folding carton and corrugated production. Speaking in a webinar, EFI vice president of marketing John Henze claimed that while other developers were engaged in a "race to the bottom", EFI is 'investing in a platform to carry us into the future'.

Included in the new FS300 Pro is version 6 of Fiery Command Workstation software which has been redesigned to provide a single point of focus for controlling all Fiery-driven cut-sheet digital presses. EFI will add support for wide-format devices in 2018. User interface enhancements, including an at-a-glance overview screen, are complemented by new versions of Fiery Impose, Compose and JobMaster modules which simplify and speed up complex ganging and other job preparation tasks, plus a "fast reprint" option.

The FS300 Pro supports seven-colour workflows and will also extend to manage wide-format, high-speed inkjet and textile printers in addition to the core user base of cut-sheet toner presses.

New hardware platforms include the Fiery NX workstation which cuts floor space and improves operator comfort, and the Fiery XB server which is said to offer up to 10 times improvement in processing speed to drive high speed inkjets rated at 200m/min or 2400ppm and beyond. According to director of product management and technical marketing David May, 'the presses are the limiting factor now'.

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