Chili partnership brings hot take on print marketing

06 Sep 2017
Topics: software

DesignEdit 2 de-skills the artwork design and preparation process to help smaller printers sell more print online


An online design tool that allows print customers to create their designs directly on printers' websites has been developed by Marketing Ideas For Printers and Chili Publisher.

Launched at Print 17 in Chicago, DesignEdit 2 was developed by Fargo, North Dakota, USA-based Marketing Ideas For Printers (MI4P) to provide a way give small and medium-sized printers access to online design tools that are now expected by print buyers, but which were previously beyond their budget or web development expertise. Technology from Belgian software developer Chili publisher provides the document or artwork composition output via the eponymous online document editor and template collection.

Dave Hultin, president of MI4P, explained, 'There's still a place for a brick and mortar presence, but today's print buyers expect to be able to buy printing not only in person, but also online. Sadly, the online experience all too often falls short and the print order goes elsewhere.

'We're excited to partner with Chili Publish. They have what it takes to create a great online experience, and our partnership with them allows us to provide the tools printers need for their customers to create a great design online, and in the same visit turn that creation into a production-ready print order.'

Kevin Goeminne, CEO of Chili Publish, added: 'DesignEdit 2 is a wonderful transition element within the sales funnel and we're proud Chili Publisher offered the features Marketing Ideas For Printers needed to realise this game-changer for printers.'

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