Print still punching, say consumers

12 Oct 2017
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Two Sides to every story - the report and UK findings are available online


A multi-national survey carried out by print and paper advocacy group Two Sides has found that consumers trust, enjoy and gain a deeper understanding of information presented in print.

Carried out in June 2017, the survey contacted more than 10,700 consumers around the world, including more than 1000 in the UK and asked about a variety of topics including reading habits, trust in news, "digital overload", advertising preferences and the drive towards digital communications instead of paper-based ones.

Key findings include that 72% prefer reading printed books and magazines; more than three-quarters think that fake news is a worrying trend; 60% still read a printed newspaper at least once a week; 69% think it important to switch off from electronic devices and enjoy print more; and 77% (88% in the UK) believe they should not be charged for receiving paper bills or statements.

The survey also highlighted concerns over "greenwashing" aspects of companies' desire to cut paper communications and low levels of trust in online advertising: 63% of UK respondents avoid or block online ads and 72% said they couldn't remember when they had last willingly clicked on an online ad.

The report is available here.

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