Sawgrass and Technotape debut new 3D sublimation system

12 Oct 2017
Topics: 3D, sublimation

Partnering up for SGIA Expo 2017, Sawgrass Technologies and Technotape International have created a new production solution for 3D sublimation.

Pairing Sawgrass's Virtuoso HD product decorating systems and SubliJet-3D inks with Technotape's sublimation ovens, 3D film and substrates, the system aims to give product decorators everything they need to create high-quality 3D products for their customers.

'The industrial sector has been sublimating on to products with rounded edges for years,' explained Vik Patel, director of business development for Sawgrass. 'Technotape has been making this process more accessible to our customers, which is very exciting. We have been working with Technotape for the last year to develop a solution for incredible colour and quality exclusively for their products.'

'The new SubliJet-3D inks and coordinating profiles have been developed to provide the best possible output within this production environment with Technotape's 3D oven, film and substrates,' said Bonne Klein Woolthuis, CEO of Technotape. 'They have been designed with high-volume customisation and personalisation applications in mind, while at the same time combining high quality and ease-of-use. We are delighted to show this new solution at SGIA 2017.'

Sawgrass is showcasing SubliJet-3D inks at Booth 2975, while Technotape is displaying the complete system at Booth 2611. 

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