Evolution goes hybrid

30 Nov 2017

EFI Vutek GS3250lx Pro LED hybrid roll/flatbed printer 


Graphics production company Evolution has installed an EFI Vutek GS3250lx Pro LED hybrid roll/flatbed printer, choosing the 3.2m wide device for its speed, quality of build, and low downtime and running costs.

Property developers make up a significant portion of Evolution's customer base. The company prints many more hoarding panels than it used to, and wanted to produce the work in house to take advantage of an expanding market opportunity. In addition, a large part of Evolution's offering involves interior and illuminated displays, so it needed the Vutek's 3.2m platform and white ink capabilities.

Now, with a printer that is several times faster than its predecessor, the hoarding work can be done without outsourcing and the company can generate more than 200 panels a day for clients - a great improvement from the previous capacity of 28 per day.

'These are not simple 200 panel runs but a combination of large runs and small off-jobs, as well as back-printed acrylic - a real mix of jobs on various thicknesses of materials,' said Andy Mycroft, managing director.

'It's early days, but we can already see there's a lot more this printer can achieve in terms of quantity,' Mr Mycroft concluded. 

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