IPIA and imprint-MIS foster accreditation scheme

14 Nov 2017
Topics: Accreditation, IPIA, Imprint-MIS

Imprint-MIS's Wayne Beckett - IPIA membership offers unique advantages


The Independent Print Industries Association (IPIA) and Imprint-MIS have launched an Association Accreditation Scheme to identify and verify good business practice by IPIA members, to enhance the relevance of membership. 

The new scheme applies to manufacturers, print managers and associates. IPIA Print Managers will be able to assure clients that they belong to a professional body and are supported by suppliers who are also part of the scheme; this supply chain quality stamp will also extend to associate members to qualify their services and products.

'Imprint-MIS have been members of the IPIA for many years and we are very proud to be sponsoring this scheme,' said Wayne Beckett, sales and marketing director at Imprint-MIS. He added: 'The IPIA connects trade print buyers and suppliers within the association and out into the wider market. The Accreditation Scheme will be rolled out in 2018 and be mandatory by January 2019 and will apply to members in all three categories. This is just one of many ways companies can benefit from joining the IPIA.'

The IPIA will promote the new accreditation throughout the print industry and to the wider market of brands and marketers that buy its members' products and services, giving IPIA members an advantage over non-members.

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