Esko expands prepress roadshow

20 Mar 2017
Topics: software

Following success in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Esko is expanding its Prepress Innovation Tour '17 to other parts of Europe and America.

 The road show is now set to tour different European locations, including France, Italy, England and the Netherlands from 28 March to 18 May. There are also plans to take it to America.

During October 2016, more than 200 ArtPro users were able to witness the performance of the newly configured packaging prepress editor at five roadshow events combining software demonstrations, automation workshops and presentations about the future of packaging prepress from Esko's perspective, held in Vienna, Zurich, Stuttgart, Hamburg and Düsseldorf.

'This is a great way for Esko to present its latest software innovations,' stated Niels Stenfeldt, Esko's EMEA vice president. 'We can dive much deeper into the software to help customers ensure they get the most business benefit out of their prepress solutions. We can also show them how other solutions can enable them to transform their production processes.' 

Esko's next events:

28/03               Netherlands, Breda

19/04               Italy, Milan

20/04               Italy, Salerno

25/04               UK, Leeds

26/04               UK, Birmingham

16/05               France, Dijon

17/05               France, Limoges

18/05               France, Paris 

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