Charing Cross gets in Touch

29 Nov 2016
Topics: folding and creasing

Mark Dobson with the Touch CF375 creaser/folder


A need to increase productivity and finishing capacity prompted Charing Cross Print to invest in a Touchline CF375 creaser/folder. 

'Our old folding unit was constantly jamming and it could only hold 50-60 mm of sheets in the stacker,' explained Mark Dobson, Charing Cross's print director. 'Also, our creaser could only go to 300 gsm stocks and we do a lot of 350 gsm with matt laminate double-sided.'

The Touchline CF375, which has a feeder capacity of 200 mm and can handle 400 gsm sheets of paper and card, was installed in September 2016. 

'We can now get jobs done twice as quickly by creasing and folding in one pass,' noted Mr Dobson. 

'Charing Cross Print is a print supplier that has to react fast and get it right, so our Touchline CF375 is a perfect component within its finishing set up,' commented Peter Jolly, Duplo UK's managing director. 

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