Telford Repro finishes with Duplo

06 Jul 2016
Topics: finishing

Caption: Peter Llewellyn, managing director of Telford Repro, with the company's new machine.

Digital printing company Telford Repro has installed a Duplo DC-616 Pro slitter/cutter/creaser.

The new machine has enabled the firm to streamline and automate its finishing processes. Business cards, for example are now produced in one pass, which previously involved two steps, cutting on a guillotine, and creasing on a rotary creaser.

The DC-616 Pro system is capable of up to 25 cuts and 20 creases in a single pass. As well as slitting, cutting and creasing, it can also perforate in the same pass.

'The new machine enables us to put an SRA3 sheet in one end and it provides ready-stacked business cards at the other,' said Peter Llewellyn, managing director of Telford Repro. 'It also creases and trims very accurately. The barcode-driven set up means we can load it up and walk away to do something else, and we know the output will be good.'

'The objective for Telford Repro is to become as automated as possible, and the DC-616 Pro will speed up their entire slitting, cutting and creasing process, as well as giving them better accuracy', said Stuart Granger of reseller Docu-Finish Solutions, who supplied the machine.

The company had previously invested in a Duplo DBM-150 booklet maker with DSF-2200 sheet feeder.



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