Proskills UK launches the 2014/15 PrintIT! programme

17 Oct 2014
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Choosing Duplo's London Calling as a launch site, Proskills UK launched the 2014/15 PrintIT! programme which will involve more than 400 schools.

The programme educates young people about the print and paper industries through a curriculum mapped competition and yearly activities. Not only do students get a hands-on opportunity to experience print and paper at its best, they also gain an insight into the potential careers, apprenticeships and training the industries' offer.

The programme for the next year has undergone a review from industry experts and teachers to offer some exciting key changes in order to enhance the learner participation, knowledge and experience, with an innovative focus on providing the right information on how to get a career in the print and paper industries. 

Jonathan Ledger, managing director of Proskills UK, said, 'Duplo's London Calling brings together the very best companies and experts from the print and related industries and for Proskills UK Group to be able to launch its 2014/15 PrintIT! schools programme here is especially exciting.

'PrintIT! has undergone a significant development to ensure that it is supporting young people into many of the exciting careers that exist within the industry so I am very excited to be able to share some of this with the world of print at London Calling. With so many young people missing out on the exciting job options available and left struggling to make informed choices about available careers, the PrintIT! programme not only allows young people to experience the industry, but also helps them access jobs and apprenticeships in the industry. I'm especially grateful to the fantastic team of heroes at Duplo for all their support for PrintIT! and to the wider industry in helping Proskills realise the ambitions of so many young people. Our efforts today, provide the foundation for tomorrows Print employees.'

As a registered charity, Proskills UK depends entirely on the generosity of print, paper and allied trades to support PrintIT! with cash donations and in-kind support - which of course are now tax-deductible.

To raise money, Duplo and its trading partners will be running a year-long fundraising campaign, 'PassIT' where each company will hold a fund raising activity for one month before passing it onto the next.



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