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Into the queue
26 Apr 2018
Workflow software is just as important in wide-format as it is in other types of printing. Nessan Cleary gets us in line.

Big and green
23 Apr 2018
Environmental concerns haven’t typically been top of the agenda in wide-format but there is customer pressure for greener print and manufacturers are responding.

Wild Format: colours and control for designers
09 Apr 2018
One of the most rapidly growing segments of digital printing is printed fabrics. As in every other area of digital printing it won't only be textile production experts who will provide artwork for and initiate print projects on many types of fabrics.

Flat out
09 Apr 2018
If you want to print digitally on thick or rigid media then a flatbed or hybrid inkjet printer is what you need.

Managing data
26 Mar 2018
Management information systems promise to give printers a good understanding of their costs but do you still need one?

Wild Format: textile printing basics
20 Mar 2018
Digital print technologies support very rapid design changes and make it possible to produce very short run productions, even for textiles.

The third dimension
12 Mar 2018
3D printing is becoming more prevalent, but is it time for digital printers to invest in this market?

Boxing clever
12 Mar 2018
Michael Walker investigates how SRA3 digital presses coupled with quality finishing can produce high value packaging.

Wild Format: ISO standards for wide format production
26 Feb 2018
The topic of ISO standards is pretty dreary, but it’s a subject that can make a difference to the success of your wild format projects.

Trends in Wild Format digital printing
19 Feb 2018
The Wild Format guides are intended to expand awareness and understanding of wide format, and how to use print in innovative and extremely imaginative ways.


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