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Effective immediately
09 Oct 2017
The range of special effects for printing has blossomed, making embellishment more accessible.

Printing and decorating
09 Oct 2017
Most décor printing relies on dye sublimation printing but the printer is only part of the equation. Nessan Cleary looks at the materials side of the equation.

Cutting through
09 Oct 2017
Cutting is one of the most basic finishing operations and the devices to do it come in all shapes and sizes.

Balancing act
19 Sep 2017
Going green isn’t just worthy; it can also increase your worth as a business.

Not just a mugs' game
19 Sep 2017
Digitally printed transfers with dye sublimation inks offer a range of add-on possibilities that can be tested quite cheaply.

Box of tricks
19 Sep 2017
All-in-one finishing units are the ideal complement to the short runs and mixed workload of commercial digital printing.

Not the Last Post
06 Sep 2017
Direct mail is enjoying a resurgence and impending regulation means that it will become an even more powerful medium.

Size does matter
06 Sep 2017
With several B2 sheet-fed digital presses now available, is there a trend towards bigger formats or new applications?

Paper and ink choice help inkjet economics
06 Sep 2017
Paper is one of the biggest on-going issues in the fast-growing sector of high speed commercial inkjet printing.

Inkjet brings efficiency to books
25 Aug 2017
Dan Rogers looks at global trends in book sales and explains how digital print is enabling publishers to keep "virtual stock".


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