Kao Collins releases XBAR and universal controller

19 Oct 2018
Topics: inkjet

The XBAR print module is designed for high-speed, high-volume, single-pass applications


Inkjet solutions provider Kao Collins has launched its XBAR print module and controller.

The XBAR print module utilises Samba technology to produce high-quality images on substrates including porous bond and high-gloss coated stock at speeds up to 300m/min. The system can also be configured to print on other substrates like foils. With a small footprint and variety of available ink types, it is aimed at high-speed, high-volume, single-pass applications. 

The XBAR controller allows customers to integrate multiple printhead technologies on a single platform.

Kristin Adams, marketing manager, commented, 'Extending the useful life of existing equipment, rather than replacing it, provides our customers with an upgrade path into the future.'

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