Printbar Uncovered with more effects

21 Sep 2017

Printbar Uncovered can now print high fluid layers in excess of 100 microns


FFEI has Xaar's new High Laydown (HL) technology to its Printbar Uncovered, enabling the printing of a range of haptic effects on labels and packaging in a single pass.

'Haptic effects are eye catching, textured embellishments that are applied for both functional and decorative purposes - from a bottle that's easy to grip in the shower to an eye catching foil effect,' explained managing director Andy Cook. 'With Printbar Uncovered OEMs can deliver a cost-effective way for label converters to ensure their label products will stand out. All achievable in a single pass when mounted on a standard flexo, digital or hybrid press.'

Printbar Uncovered can print high fluid layers in excess of 100 microns thick, with ink film height controlled by grayscale of the input image. The HL technology can be used to create rich textures - emulating expensive substrates, enhancing designs or providing grip - which interact with light in ways that are often underutilised in packaging design.  

The new technology can be combined with flood coat matt varnish for micro embossing effects used in paper manufacture or digitally applied embossing to text or image details. When combined with a lamination/foil bar, the unit enables foil effects to be produced for added impact.

Mr Cook said, 'The addition of high laydown technology further extends the opportunity for label converters to deliver unique, high-value labels and packaging at a premium.'


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