New waste recovery system developed by Coveris

14 Nov 2017
Topics: recycling, waste recovery


Coveris is celebrating a decade of sustainable success at its Lincolnshire-based environmental services facility with the launch of a new recovery system, Recoveris. This enables delamination and separation of label stock from silicone backing paper for reprocessing.

The company has spent over two years developing the new system, which promises to manage customer and set-up waste more sustainably. Coveris anticipates that this will enable the repurpose of more than 1000 tonnes of additional waste per week for regeneration or recycling.

Recoveris will address the disposal of redundant customer label waste collected mainly as a result of seasonal forecasting challenges and general spoilage within the supply chain, including set-up waste. As composite laminate constructs, these finished labels were previously unable to be processed for regeneration or recycling as they consisted of both mixed backing-paper and label material waste.

The company's recycling facility was initially established in 2007 by legacy business Paragon Labels in Spalding. Today the facility, which has since relocated to larger premises in Boston, recovers around 10,000 tonnes of customer and production waste a year.

'The launch of Recoveris marks a new step in our ability to recycle more product waste more sustainably than before and demonstrates our ongoing commitment to the environment,' said Tim Lennon, Coveris' environmental services manager. 'We plan to continue investing in our recycling facility in 2018 to develop new processes and solutions for dealing with waste, whilst also working more closely with customers to look at ways in which we can collaborate to improve recycling across the entire supply-chain and in new product areas.'


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