The less you waste, the more you finish

30 Nov 2017

The latest digital finishing platform from Prati is much more than just high speeds.

Digital printing has opened up countless scenarios in the labels and packaging sector. As this printing technique gains ground, companies are grabbing at opportunities to customise labels and demand more in terms of speed and productivity. This also leads to smaller production runs, requiring ultimate flexibility, and what everybody is looking for is a competitive solution.

 Speed is not everything when it comes to productivity. It is certainly one aspect - Digifast One handles jobs at up to 90m/min - but not the most significant aspect. Considering the downward trend in job lengths, especially with regard to digital runs, minimal job changeover times are crucial. In fact this is more important than the pure speed of digital finishing.

Ranging between 250 to 2000 linear metres per single job, digital printing potentially means as many as 20 different jobs per work shift. This is exactly where Digifast One makes a huge difference. After each single production run, operators will normally spend 20 minutes handling the changeover between one job and the next. Just three changeover routines adds up to one full hour of downtime. With Digifast One, operators spend no more than eight minutes between jobs, so productivity rockets by 40% over a typical working week. Week after week, converters accumulate a significant competitive advantage thanks to Prati. Furthermore, one of the least publicised benefits ensured by Digifast One concerns the amount of waste material generated on each job. This is kept to a strict minimum, not only reducing material costs, but also avoiding the time spent disposing of metres and metres of material for each single job.

'The Digifast One is currently being manufactured in batches of 10 machines at a time and given the exceptionally positive reception it gained at Labelexpo Europe, we are planning to ramp up production between the end of this year and the start of 2018,' said Chiara Prati, sales and marketing director.

Digifast One ensures greater productivity, much less waste and very little downtime between jobs. It runs a fully operational semi-rotary print and die-cutting register mode. Whereas semi-rotary die-cutting alone will reach higher speeds, the Digifast One outperforms all its competitors for semi-rotary printing and die-cutting at a maximum speed of 90m/min.

The digital finishing platform can be configured according to customer requirements with a wide variety of optional features. Before asking for high speeds, Prati will be able to advise on how to enhance overall productivity. There are more ways to increase performance and a global network of technical advisors is ready to support converters before and after purchase. 


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