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HP’s future vision
09 Nov 2018
In November, HP invited a group of analysts to its Palo Alto, California, headquarters to share its vision for the future of print.

Putting print on film
17 Oct 2018
Flexible packaging can be a challenge for digital, but there is headway being made by several manufacturers in wide web, while many printers use their narrow web presses to produce pouches and shrink sleeves.

Discover the latest printing technology at InPrint Italy
17 Oct 2018
InPrint Italy will be welcoming visitors at the MiCo Milano Congressi from 20 to 22 November 2018.

Material witnesses
16 Oct 2018
However much digital technology has demystified the printing process, a thorough understanding of how to treat the different substrates that run through the press can be of prime importance.

Controlling the ink drops
16 Oct 2018
The one common factor uniting inkjet printing is the use of a printhead. It is not only inks; there are functional fluids and materials in 3D printing, even liquid metals may be jetted.

Labelexpo Americas – ready, steady...
24 Sep 2018
As the 2018 edition of Labelexpo is about to open the doors, we look at what will be on show in Chicago.

Finding the perfect cure
13 Sep 2018
Energy curing systems employ UV, UV LED or electron beam technology to 'make the ink stick'.

The internet of packaging
12 Sep 2018
Everything is becoming connected, from our cars and homes to wearables and now clothing. By 2020 it is expected that more than 50 billion smart products will inhabit the world.

Shaping that box
07 Sep 2018
Sean Smyth looks at digital converting for corrugated.

My digital journey: master of the Omniverse
07 Sep 2018
Interview with Joe Foster, co-founder and managing director of Omniverse Foster Packaging Group, Australia.

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