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New vjoon K4 ready for 2013

20 Dec 2012
Topics: software, workflow, digital asset management

The new version of vjoon K4 is ready for release and will be available in January. It features a host of improvements in digital asset management, workflow control and usability.

vjoon GmbH, one of the international leaders in cross-media publishing software.

Release number 6.5 comes with a bevy of new features that make the cross media publishing platform even easier to work with

CEO Andreas Schrader said, 'Our efforts to develop version 6.5 focused largely on leaner and faster processes, better digital asset management and more customising options. The upcoming release underscores our determination to provide optimum support for our customers' digital and print publishing endeavours.'

One of the new features is a thumbnail view in the vjoon K4 query panels. It provides a quick overview of all content: text, images, collections, layouts and all associated meta data. This new view comes in handy, particularly when designers need to search for specific pictures.

The extended filters for queries enable users to further refine their searches with the drill-down function for even more accurate results.

With the Folio Producer API, publishers can use the automated functions to generate several tablet renditions of the same edition simultaneously and load them to Adobe Digital Publishing Suite servers. Publishers can now use a single InDesign layout to deliver versions with different image formats or resolutions to different tablet platforms such as iOS and Android. Now these renditions can be fully automated in vjoon K4.

Multi-channel workflows are now even easier to configure. Version 6.5 offers a choice of two workflow models to the user. The standard Task Workflow (TWF) is designed for complex cross media publishing with parallel processes, rewinds and dependencies while the new Simplified Task

Workflow (STWF) is designed for shorter, less elaborate processes. Both models provide automated features. The two modes can even be mixed: a Simplified Task Workflow may be converted into a standard Task Workflow at any time and vice versa. In an evolutionary advance, the STWF combines select features of status based workflow models with the benefits of a task based workflow. It enables users who work with simpler publishing processes or older status based systems to gradually migrate to a modern Task Workflow.

Users can also now customise the button bars in vjoon K4's query panels to suit their preferences. Administrators can create various sets of buttons and furnish certain users and groups with specific sets. For example, one set could offer a few basic functions for novices and another could provide a wide range of sophisticated functions to skilled users. Administrators may also assign certain functions to various buttons, enabling some user groups to see these buttons and hiding them from others.

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